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The Firm’s maritime and shipping practice is one of the bedrocks of the Firm’s client base, and the Firm’s expertise in this area is uncontroverted. As one of the leading firms in these areas, the Firm’s maritime department is comprised of senior lawyers with years of experience in maritime and international trade practice. Some of these senior lawyers have studied or worked overseas, while others are former judges in maritime courts. The majority of the lawyers in the maritime department are fluent in both Chinese and English.

The Firm provides complete advice on all facets of maritime practice, including market access, regulatory and customs issues, and provides solutions to existing problems.

The Firm regularly represents clients in maritime litigation, insurance subrogation, collisions, and environmental and commercial disputes related to maritime practice, as well as demurrage, mediation, salvage and general average cases. The Firm is frequently consulted for advice in the most complex maritime cases due to our recognized ability to provide comprehensive services.

The Firm’s clientele includes such entities as Maersk, DSR, CMA, Jin Hai Jet Air, BDP Asia Pacific, and BAX Global, as well as P&I clubs and other shipping companies, insurance companies, freight forwarding companies, and shipping agents. The Firm also provides consultation services to such government entities as the Shanghai Maritime Bureau and the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau regarding collision and environmental protection issues.

The Firm’s maritime practice provides the following services:

Bill of lading transport
 Loss or damage of goods
 Freight disputes
 Bill of lading disputes

Charter Parties
 Voyage charter party disputes
 Time charter party disputes
 Demise charter party disputes

Agency Disputes
 Freight forwarding disputes
 Shipper agency disputes

Titles, Liens
 Sale and purchase of ships
 Ship building contracts
 Ship finance
 Ship detention

Maritime Accidents
 General average
 Death or personal injury
 Maritime pollution

Marine Insurance
 Ship insurance
 Cargo insurance
 Liability insurance
 Other insurance

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