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Richard Wang & Co., one of the oldest private law firms in Shanghai, and one of the leading law firms in China, has acquired fame at home and abroad for its full-service and comprehensive foreign-related legal services.

Richard Wang & Co. consists of a number of experienced former judges from the Chinese judiciary, as well as many experienced lawyers. The Firm, young, vital and ambitious, is a place where excellent legal professionals gather together. The lawyers of Richard Wang & Co. have an abundance of experience in providing various legal services, such as foreign direct investment, M & A, maritime, international trade, real estate, sports & entertainment, banking & finance employment, counsel to government, intellectual property and dispute resolution. Based on clients' needs, the Firm can act as general legal consul for clients in China, represent clients before Chinese courts at various levels or before domestic and overseas arbitrial tribunals, counsel during project negotiations or provide legal consultation, testimony, and legal opinions and reports.

Richard Wang & Co. is an independent partnership, and has no affiliation with the Chinese government or other domestic or foreign entities. It does have, however, close working relationships with Chinese Government authorities and with China's emerging business sector. It also has strong links with overseas law firms in Asia, the United States, Europe and elsewhere.

Richard Wang & Co.’s offices are fully equipped with all modern communications, computer facilities and first class working facilities.

Pursuing outstanding results and creating unparalleled work is the motto of Richard Wang & Co. The Firm, working meticulously with a solid foundation, will exert its best to offer its domestic and overseas clients full, comprehensive and efficient legal services of the best quality.

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